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About Krishival's Almonds

Krishival brings to you a variety of premium quality almonds online that you can purchase with just a click of a button. 
Almonds are possibly the most versatile nuts to keep in your kitchen. While they can be an excellent healthy snack for weight loss due, and almonds can be used for savoury and sweet recipes alike.

Buy badam online from as we guarantee the best quality almonds while ensuring each product is carefully packaged with zero preservatives and artificial flavors. These Krishival badam packets come in a resealable bag to ensure freshness. 

Almond Nutritional Facts

- Almonds are rich in healthy fats that nourish the body and are extremely good for you. These healthy fats can help keep you full for longer and help with your weight loss journey.

- Almonds are naturally high in fiber- an important food group that can aid with digestion and regulate bowel movements.

- Regardless of different types of almonds, roasted or raw, eating all types of almonds can ensure you get important nutrients like vitamin E and minerals like zinc, magnesium and iron.

- Krishival Almonds are also naturally low in carbohydrates and calories in almonds are also low, making them great low-calorie snacks to munch on!

- Being naturally high in calcium, almonds can act as great replacements for dairy products. You can make almond milk by yourself very easily and purchase almond butter if you are looking for a vegan and healthier alternative to butter.

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