Zero preservatives
Bigger in size
Lip smacking flavours
Safe for healthy snacking


At Krishival, we bring to the best of incredible
dry fruits to delight your taste buds

Zero Preservatives

By avoiding artificial additives, we maintain the pistachios' nutritional integrity and offer a healthier, more wholesome snacking option.

Highly Nutritious

Our products provide vitamin A, B, C, D... and micronutrients essential for good health. With added benefits aiding to Heart and Brain..

Healthy Habit

Small things in life compound to big benefits. Start with Krishival's amazing products to create a healthy lifestyle at your place.

Budget Friendly

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is when health fits your budget. Budget for you shouldn't mean compromising with the taste.


Ordering from Krishival for two years. I've enjoyed their Pistachios both from their website. The packaging remains top-notch with ziplock bags.

- Siddharth Sachan

Roasted and Salted pistachios were outstanding! The roasting process brought out the perfect nutty flavor, and the touch of salt was just right.

- Pratik Bharda

I am very much happy with this product, quality, and packaging also very nice. Highly recommended. Pista, salted and assorted cashews are must try.

- Dinesh Zagde

Amazing quality of Pistachios!! Must buy for people who prefer quality products that help in living healthy 💜

- Damini Patil