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Salted Cashews

Salted Cashews

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True love is like cashew, you just need to find the right nut.

Did you know? Two or more handfuls of cashews each day will help alter and elevate your mood.

Krishival’s cashews not only elevate your mood but also act as a great source of daily Nutrition.

But why buy Cashew Nuts online from Krishival?

Nutritional Powerhouse: Krishival’s [premium salted] cashews pack 636 healthy calories per 100 gram and are a great source of phosphorus, vitamin B6, magnesium and other healthy nutrients.

No Added Preservatives: Krishival’s [premium salted] cashews guarantees zero added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

Healthy and Quick Snack: If you enjoy eating cashews on a regular basis, you surely want it to be healthy. Our [salted] cashews are addictive yet healthy for your body.

Rich flavour: Satisfying as a snack, a topping, or in sauces and butter, Krishival’s cashews are popular all over India for its one-a-kind and rich flavour.

Packed with Protein: Krishival’s cashews are loaded with [21.43 grams] of protein per 100 gram. A great snack to fill any nutritional gaps.

Health Benefits: At Krishival, we believe in healthy snacking. Whether it's preventing heart diseases or managing diabetes, no one makes better cashews than us.

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